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Motorola CHARM interface announces new enhancements and tweaks that make it much easier for customers to customize contacts and stream information that matters to them. One of the better talk & text phones in the phones in the market based on Android 2.1 OS, the CHARM's QWERTY is perfected for one-handed texting whilst its BACKTRACK navigation pad aids in uninterrupted browsing.
Motorola CHARM


MOTOBLUR enhancements filters and streams messages and contacts from a single social networking account, contacts, group or messaging account that matters the most. They can personalize the home screen panel as well as manage the battery consumption with different power save modes.

Motorola CHARM


CHARM users can sleep tight at night knowing that their data on the Moto phone is securely stored on the back up server, ready to be restored in case the phone is stolen or data is lost. Just a single user name and password is enough to restore, synchronize and configure data on earlier networks.

Motorola CHARM


Moto Phone Portal allows wireless access to phone data anywhere in the world through any browser over USB or Wi-Fi connectivity. Edit data or phone information, share and upload photos or carry an important business meeting.



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