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Business Phones with Phones.com, here we discuss and describe the latest Business phones for office, personal and business use. How to decide which to use and why, along with the pros and cons. Business Phones can mean a lot of things, it can be a conference phone, PBX phone, VOIP solution, to decide what is best for you, there are key questions you need to ask: How many people do you need the service for? / Are you looking for hardware or software? / Do you need Video Conferencing? ...
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Business VoIP Hardware

  • IP/VOIP Phones

    An IP phone also known as a VOIP/SIP phone, is a software/instrument specially made to be used for VoIP. IP phones make utilize VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) transmission technologies to make ... (Read all)

  • Audio Conference Systems

    In the ever expanding world of business, remaining in constant contact with your business colleagues is a demand that needs to be fulfilled in a continuous succession. Every ... (Read all)

  • Video Conference Systems

    Video Conferencing is an interactive communication pattern between two or more participants using the combined technology of audio and video transmission technologies. This interactive communication between participants happens simultaneously as if ... (Read all)

Business VoIP Services

  • PBX Systems

    A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) System is a technique of connecting office telephones network with public telephones. Also known as phone switch or phone switching device, PBX phones ... (Read all)

  • Virtual PBX

    VPBX i.e. Virtual private branch exchange, is an advance business phone system which does not require an equipment to be installed by the customer but provides facilities like ... (Read all)