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Apple has cornered with smartphone market over the last decade or so - and with good reason. Their products are arguably one of the best looking in the industry, focusing on sleek design and intelligent user interface. It is a product meticulously redefined, planned and crafted for the ultimate user experience for its fans across the globe.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus


The quality of pictures taken has massively improved with the introduction of the dual lens at the back of the device. This means you’d have better optical zoom instead of digital, ensuring professional-looking shots. Its powerful software isolates colour pixels and evens out highlights, even in low light situations. 

Apple iPhone 7 Plus


Battery life has always been a bit of an issue with the Apple smartphones, but the iPhone 7 Plus promises a longer lifespan compared to the iPhone 6 series. While an hour or two boost isn’t much to crow about, having the battery comfortably lasting throughout the day is a welcomed change nevertheless.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus


The iPhone 7 Plus is certainly an upgrade from its sibling, the iPhone 7, but you’re unlikely the break the bank should you decide to make the swap. With bigger storage capacity and mobile functions, it’s a worthy investment for fans wanting to own one of the most powerful devices in the market.



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Apple iPhone 7 Plus: This is a cool phone!
7/14/2022 @ 6:21 बजे
by zzz

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