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One of the most compact touch-screen phone ever made, the LG GD510 fondly called as “Pop” is for users who just want a full touch mode phone without any additional fuss. Extending the 3.0” WQVGA screen till the edges of the handset giving an illusion of a nearly frameless handset, the Pop is highlighted by just a single button that acts as a mute, end or cancel key. The phone is highly functional with 3.0MP camera, rotating screen, web browser, and an optional Solar-cell powered battery cover.
LG GD510 Pop


The LG GD510 extended touch screen is rightly fitted into its compactly designed handset that makes it look like a glossy sheet. Its 3-Way rotating home-screen allows quick access to multimedia contents and contacts.

LG GD510 Pop


An environmental friendly phone, the GD510 Pop includes an optional solar charging panel. The handset is designed from PVC-free components, while the packaging is made from recycled paper with soy ink printing.

LG GD510 Pop


Other than the touch interface, the handset comes with a single button that acts as send, end, and home-screen key depending upon the phone’s mode. This minimalistic design adds to the phone’s aesthetics.



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