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Apple products have gotten a lot of flack for looking almost the same across the lifespan of the brand’s existence. That said, if we could name the one thing the company has excelled at doing over the decades, it would be their ability to understand that technological progress does not have to be overtly dramatic in terms of design changes - it just has to be relevant to the needs and wants of its ever growing legion of fans. 

Look, Design, Feel (/10)

At first glance, the iPhone 7 Plus looks almost exactly the same as its predecessor. The home button is now a slight pressure indent, and the headphone jack is still gone. It boasts a slight increase in size, nevertheless, allowing users to read off their mobiles comfortably. The added camera bump, however, may serve to be an annoyance as it is no longer able to lay fully flat on your desk.

Features (/10)

iPhone 7 Plus boasts a rating of IP67 - which simply means that the device is officially resistant to dust and water. Powered by the A10 Fusion SoC, it includes two high performance core that effectively improves performance without jeopardizing your battery lifespan. Huzzah for longer battery life!

Connectivity (/10)

Like the iPhone 7, the issue of connectivity still persists, with users experiencing temporary and intermittent drops in cellular connectivity - especially when connected to Wi-Fi. Apple’s iOS updates seem to be the solution to this problem. That said, we’re a wee bit disappointed that the existing issue in iPhone 7 isn’t really properly snuffed out by the time they released iPhone 7 Plus. 

Performance (/10)

Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus has withstood grueling testing including bending, dunking and dropping. In all of these tests, the device has seemed to pass with flying colours as it is not prone to shattering or malfunctioning. It is still the fastest phone in the market, and along with the updated features, it makes the phone a must-have for all die hard fans.

Value for Money (/10)

Simply put, iPhone 7 Plus is a powerful device with superb performance and battery life (in comparison to other older models). With a base storage memory of 32GB, it is the perfect companion for your daily needs, and worth the price tag they have slapped on top of it.



  • Improved Camera Quality
  • Superior Battery Life
  • Water Resistant
  • Wide Screen




  • No headphone jack
  • Design is still similar to iPhone 7
  • Camera now protrudes



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Apple iPhone 7 Plus: This is a cool phone!
7/14/2022 @ 6:21 बजे
by zzz

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