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This powerful HD android phone is the perfect tool to shoot all those precious moments of life before they haze out as distant memories. View images, videos with razor sharp clarity. The dual core processor makes surfing fun and not just a chore. Furthermore, it comes in a very durable package with dust and water being no major hazards. Carry your beautiful world in your pocket, wherever you go with Xperia acro S. Download unlimited songs, films and music from the Sony Entertainment network and you're all set to have a perfect day.
Sony Xperia acro S


The motto is entertainment, entertainment and entertainment again. This is a feast for movie fans and music lovers alike. View your favourite youtube videos within the blink of an eye.

Sony Xperia acro S


Sometimes life brings us moments in many coloured hues. A pink sky, a perfect shell lying amidst golden sand, your rose plant in full bloom are all startling moments that you can easily trap and savour any time you wish, with the aid of Xperia acro S.

Sony Xperia acro S


Although Xperia acro S has a sleek and elegant look, it comes in a tough hide. It is not bothered by water or even dust. So the next time you accidentally drop your phone in the water or in your kids sand pit, have no worries.



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स्टाइल: 8.2
टेक्नोलोजी: 8.2
कुशलता: 8.2

कुल वोट्स: 427 | हिट्स: 8250

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