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Let's make it straight & simple. Samsung S7070 Diva is  designed 'only' for women who prefer to surrender to the beauty of the handset, obliviously forgetting about the features. A beautifully crafted fashion phone, the Diva does deserve a respectful first look, but beyond that, it is dead as a doornail with none of the functions working  at their full potential. On the contrary, there is enough  trash circulating in the cell phone market, and if the verdict  released is purely on the phone's appearance, then the Diva deserves a fair trial.

Look, Design, Feel (/10)

Many people  like the pearly white look of the handset. Right out of the box, it is a sparkling white candy bar ready to capture our hearts. Yes, it does, because the quilted pattern is not only a fashion statement but provides a comfortable grip that makes the handset hard to slip from our hands. The diamond shaped navigation button creates a striking contrast to its white background, which is truly beautiful. Over the next few moments, gaudy pink wallpapers stare wickedly into our eyes, spilling water on Samsung's efforts to make the handset likeable. Subtle homescreen themes could have worked in favour of the Diva. The effect of the creative design work on the Diva is transient as the white colour is prone to getting dirty. At the end of it all, the features and their functions  decide the  true value of the phone.

Features (/10)

The Samsung S7070 Diva encompasses a capacitive touchscreen, which means women with well-manicured nails could easily swipe the home screen icons. The screen size is 2.8-inches, decent for a touch screen. However, the colour display is no winner, as it is not viewable in direct sunlight. Indoors it fulfils its promise of putting up a decent show of colours and light.

A pro at typing on a touch screen could easily get irritated with the Diva's sluggish performance and on screen alphanumeric keyboard.

The handset is built-in with a 3.2-megapixel camera that  snaps good pictures outdoors, but the lack of autofocus yields poor quality pictures in  dim light. Anyways you do not really need prize-winning pictures for your contact list. The Diva supports uploading of images on social networking sites like Facebook, but again  there is a damp squib for lack of internet speed. Samsung does not offer 3G or Wi-Fi on the Diva handset resulting in a long wait  for sites to download.

Other features like lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack and bad in-call quality adds to the woes.

Connectivity (/10)

Samsung Diva comes with connectivity options like GPRS, EDGE, Stereo Bluetooth and micro USB. However, no 3G, Wi-Fi and 3.5mm headphone jack means  website downloads and uploading of photos on SNS sites will be slow. Features seem bland when their usability is under question due to lack of internet speed.

Performance (/10)

Call quality was the worst experienced as background noises dominate the scenario. It is futile judging the caller's voice with people on both sides trying their best to adjust their hearing sense. Battery performance is perhaps the only positive point that saves the Samsung Diva from anymore  disapproving reviews. It lasts for several continuous days without the need for constant recharging.

Value for Money (/10)

Unless you have gone bonkers over the design of the phone, the Samsung Diva is not a worthwhile buy. There are phones  on the market with more attractive features at a similar price  or even less expensive than the Diva.


  • Attractive look with quilted pattern on the back
  • Inexpensive fashion phone
  • Good audio playback
  • Good battery performance


  • Lack of connectivity options like 3G and Wi-Fi
  • Lack of 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Slow internet speed
  • No autofocus function in camera
  • Bad call quality
  • White coloured handset can get easily dirty


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