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LG KP105 is a dual-band candy bar with a color screen and FM Radio. Let us review the KP105 to find out more about it.

Look, Design, Feel (/10)

The LG KP105 looks like any other entry level candy bar on the market, also sleek and light to appeal to most. The LG KP105 weighs just 65 grams, so we need not be afraid to carry it as a second phone too. It fits well in any pocket because its moderately slim at 12.9 mm. The phone was comfortable to hold and was made of good plastic. The battery cover was tight and seemed capable of resisting long-term use. There's a 1.5 inch color display below which we find printed an equaliser logo and "FM Radio". The Keypad was well designed, with a four-way navigational pad, two soft keys and Call and End buttons in a block. The numeric keys are well separated from each other; however, our only complaint was that they're painfully hard to press. The KP105 was nevertheless a rugged phone for everyday use.

Features (/10)

The KP105 has a favourites key to access all your favorite apps in fewer key presses. The menu was easy to navigate and the phone was very responsive at most tasks. We find the KP105 relatively easy for anyone to operate, even those with no prior experience using mobile phones. The features of the phone are little but the KP105 offers the full range of basic functionality for a mobile phone. The phonebook supported a maximum 300 entries apart from SIM card entries. Calls were clear, SMS was easy to use, and the KP105 displayed 5 lines of text; making it convenient for texters. The phone sadly has no browser or GPRS connectivity. There's Java and a few games included. The Calendar and Organiser were handy for day-to-day purposes. An FM Radio was included for entertainment. The polyphonic ring tones as well as speakerphone volume were loud enough to be heard in noisy environments.

Connectivity (/10)

There's not much to talk about here. The KP105 comes as a Dual-band device. Its available unlocked as well as with some prepaid plans. There's no form of data connectivity on the KP105 apart from SMS; however, the price of the phone explains that.

Performance (/10)

The LG KP105 had a 900 mAh Li-ion battery that was good for prolonged use of the phone. LG notes a maximum talk time of 4.5 hours, and a 3 week standby for this phone. We observe that the KP105 performs well for most users, lasting anywhere between 2-5 days before needing a charge.

Value for Money (/10)

As an entry level handset, the LG KP105 does what it promises to. Calls, SMS and an FM Radio are what this sub-$50 handset shines at. We have no trouble admitting that this LG delivers on value for money, a true penny-saver.


  • Color screen
  • Loud speakerphone and Ring tone volume
  • FM Radio
  • Rugged
  • Available in three attractive colors


  • No form of data connectivity
  • Keys are hard to press



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