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The MS800 is a smart mobile with a slender body that defies all norms of PDA phones being bulky. At just 14mm thick it proves the saying that small is beautiful. Contrast to its body structure it include features like 3.5G HSDPA, Windows Mobile, Email, 2 MP camera, WLAN, GPS, and music player. All these high-tech features are to be viewed on 2.8-inch LCD touch screen. A must have for all busy people.
Gigabyte GSmart MS800


The MS800 is phone that will define your style and make you stand in a crowd. Silver framed with a dark texture paint to get rid of fingerprints, this one is an unquestionable combination of comfort, style and durability.

Gigabyte GSmart MS800


All your daily office and casual requirements are satisfied by the MS800 as it helps you connect to high speed internet with HSDPA and WiFi in a jiffy. Email, listen to music, download files, chat, click photos and shoot videos are just the few choices listed. Whether you are a businessman or a student, the MS800 is for everyone and anyone who lays its hand on it.

Gigabyte GSmart MS800


Trek the mountains or travel the landscapes, roam the cities or wander through the jungles. Whatever mode of travel you choose the GPS maps will come to your aid, helping to reach the right destination at the right time.



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स्टाइल: 7.1
टेक्नोलोजी: 7.5
कुशलता: 7.5

कुल वोट्स: 13600 | हिट्स: 98893

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