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22-04-2008 09:46
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Hey man this is something very different and cool. You just require a visiting card and a nokia phone for this purpose. cool
Take a Nokia phone whose battery is completely drained out. Remove the battery and disconnect the middle connector with the help of a visiting card (please disconnect the middle one only and not the other two). Now put the corner of the visiting card in the middle of the phone and hold the card, Do not connect the middle connector with the battery while doing this and secondly connect the other two with the battery.
After you are done switch on your phone. Do not worry, at first it will show a message saying, “Insert SIM card” now you can remove the visiting card and there your battery is completely charged.dance
This trick does not work on all the Nokia phones.
It works best with 1108, 1100, 1112, 1600, 3100, 3120 etc.

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25-04-2008 05:05
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Yeah I knew this!
There is one more:
Sorry people this one also works on Nokia, I mean I tried it on Nokia.
You need a leaf of the peepal tree, (it shld be green) and that’s all.
Remove the battery of your mobile and connect your phone to the peepal leaf, now place the battery in your phone without shaking the leaf, and after you do this wait for sometime and your battery is fully charged cool
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