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This is not because the undersigned and many of us started our career as homeowners in the 1980s. According to the current rules at that time, we combined the carpentry of bank houses with relatively simple standards and fairly limited standards, and made choices in materials and fixed equipment. When we see all the possibilities and a wide range of products that today's young home builders must choose, we may sometimes feel a trace of envy.
As like as two peas in the living room, I had a new home in 1984. The wallpaper of my living room was the same as that of my parents' house. Most of the floors were covered with beige or blue gray needles, and there was a bathroom lissom beige marble panel in the bathroom. Even so, I still doubt whether I really like lissom marble, but in retrospect, I like to comfort myself, because it is mainly not that my aesthetic feeling is desirable, but a limited range. We had to choose products at that time, and the situation may be worse. For example, we can. Blue lissom marble was selected. Or green. Or maybe a mixture of green and beige... If you stare at the wall too long, you'll get seasick soon. So beige is not the worst after all
One of the interesting (few) things about aging is to be able to compare the past and present, flirt with old photos, make your own indoor style visible year by year, and understand the trend and use of fashion, color and materials. In short, follow developments and see how the world is progressing. Those who build or renovate have more opportunities today than before, and will only increase year by year. But is it really easier or harder?
Build a new bathroom, for example
Because what should your dream bathroom look like? Should it have ceramic tiles [hanseceramictile.com]? If so, - should you choose large, small, rectangular, square, hexagonal - or should you choose herringbone? Should the whole room be tiled or just the floor and walls be covered with bathroom panels? Or maybe you should choose vinyl on the floor and tile the walls? For vinyl flooring, it is no longer tired and boring, but provides all the exciting variants in the world - just like bathroom panels
What about furniture, shower solutions, bathtubs, lighting - and fixtures? Lamps are - they should be chrome, copper, gold, silver, black, white - should the surface be smooth or matte? So it was the color at that time... What is the most popular in this area at present, and what will it be in a few years? What is the best color related to your own wishes, do you want the color on the wall to match the color you choose on the washbasin cabinet, or will it collapse completely?
How do you find your way in this jungle full of choices?
For most of us, an obvious starting point is Google. After the Internet became public property, opportunities that did not exist 30-40 years ago appeared. We like it! In the past, we were largely constrained by the product lines existing in various stores in the local community, and the more we went to other provinces, the narrower the range of choices. However, now the whole world is under our feet, and what we can't find on the Internet - it may not exist. In addition, most research and shopping can be done in the corner of the sofa, and it doesn't become easier
Having said that, I strongly recommend that you temporarily shut down your PC and take time to visit the field - go to all the different stores and see "on-site" products. By the way, visit a plumbing shop, painter, tile shop - or preferably a large DIY shop where you can find most things under one roof. Because even if you can sit in the living room at home and decide which bathroom decoration you should use or what shower solution you want, it has never been so easy and comfortable, but there are not always pictures on the screen to tell you the whole truth about a project. In the store, you can personally touch and feel the product, feel the surface and finish, and know whether your favorite washbasin cabinet meets the expectations, or whether its drawer is too loose.
In addition, you can meet excellent professionals with a lot of valuable knowledge in their specific fields in the specialty store. And you, - use them! Ask questions about all the questions you want to know, - ask and tap, and use their expertise. That's why they're there. - I bet they like it!
Many of these stores also have their own showrooms with great exhibitions, where you are sure to get a lot of new ideas about color selection, combination selection and intelligent solutions.
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