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06-07-2021 00:58
I am a private cheat developer with extensive knowledge in the field of hacking games and many years of experience working with CPP.
I am currently looking for several new clients interested in having their own cheat.
Supported games
Feel free to request the game.
Prices will depend on which / how many features are requested.
The source code can also be provided
upon request.
All cheats will be created using cpp, unless another language is requested.

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06-07-2021 10:23
Why are you sharing such things? Cheaters destroy this game. You could easily get a cheater in your team or the opponent team in every second matchmaking. This is the main reason why I lost my interest in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. At high, it was practically impossible t understand if someone is using cheats or just having high skills in the game. Once I got mad and sold all of my inventory on skincashier.com [skincashier.com] at an excellent price. I want to start playing again and hope that the problem with big number of cheaters is already solved.
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