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09-01-2008 13:03
I am using BSNL mobile phone almost for 6 months.. but they have some Range problem.. when I am in a city area, myself and a person whom I am calling cannot hear the conversation clearly.. i am tired complaining about it to them.. but as you know they are BSNL wink
any suggestions?

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10-01-2008 06:31
Hi Shantanu
I used to face this problem before. I just changed my SIM card from BSNL to AIRTEL. I think you can do the same. I have no probs with AIRTEL

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03-06-2009 09:19
I am too having BSNL Lifelong connection with my Nokia 6500 slider phone. Till now I have no problem regarding the connectivity. I brought this connection just because my phone has 3G feature and BSNL is also offering 3G service.
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