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19-11-2020 10:50
CarolMartin [phones.com] wrote:
"Praying for a miracle is not such a bad idea. Sometimes it works. Once I
saw my neighbors being attacked by three men that also live in our
neighborhood. I automatically took my phone and recorded everything
while I was running towards her to help her. Another neighbor called the
police, and the police arrested those men. The local police officer,
who was investigating this case, called me the next morning. I told him
that I have a video of events and dropped my phone into the toilet. It
didn’t turn on, and I think I’ve lost all the data. But thanks prayers and those who pray [prayrs.org]
, because my son decided to stop by on his way to work. He
helped me to restore everything and told me that all copies also go to
That's was really lucky. I've been in a similar situation, but it didn't end up as good as yours
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