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Hundreds of companies around the world put their faith in Nortel for arranging their communication network. Nortel keeps it promises by providing them a variety of communication solutions like business phones, digital phones, IP and wireless phones, voice, multimedia and unified communication systems, wireless and optical networks, switches and routers. Nortel’s technologies aim is to break the hurdles of speed and efficiency and give its customers a well engineered communication network that will help them remain in contact with their business contacts whenever and wherever necessary.


Panasonic is a Japanese company with worldwide branches dealing in various consumer, business and industrial products. Various business solutions in regard of audio conferencing are made available for both home businesses and large business setups. Crystal clear audio quality with clarity in each syllable of the participant in a joint conference is just some of the advantages offered by Panasonic conference speakerphones. These phones make use of the latest “Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications technology” which gives you an increase signal range without compromising on audio quality. Panasonic serves both business and industrial organizations with optimum customer satisfaction.


With globalization, PBX systems have started becoming aged as they work only within a centralized office. Employees using mobile phones are not able to receive work related phones as PBX is not designed as such.
TalkSwitch has been manufacturing PBX phone systems specifically tailored for small businesses since the 90’s and have spread their wings all over North America. Today with expansion of their company they have also started selling their phone systems all around the world to home based businesses, small set ups, organizations, etc. All TalkSwitch phones have the most advanced features that can spruce up any small business and help them remain well connected to their contacts, partners and employees. Their phone systems are easy to use and install and affordable enough so that you do not have mounting telephone maintenance bills every month.


Vodavi Communication Systems Inc. was introduced into the market in 1983 with the idea that audio, video and web communication is going to be a necessary part of a business communication in the near future, if globalization in its real sense has to be achieved. Products related to these have been constantly innovated and brought into the market by Vodavi, time to time, which are not only novel in their engineering but also reasonably priced for growth oriented businesses. To maintain the balance between quality and affordability is not easy and Vodavi has managed to do exactly that.