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Belkin International Inc. likes to keep its promise of opening new doors of innovations in the field of computer and consumer electronics since the year 1983. A major company in connectivity solutions, Belkin with its easy to use networking solutions has been the recipient of many awards. Its business networks had spread through America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific, with offices in Australia, New Zealand, Korea, and, more recently, Hong Kong. It has been one of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S and has been listed in many American Journals for the same.

General Electric

Consumer Network Solutions (CNS) (division of GE Electronics/ Thomson, Inc.) specializes in the production and delivery of endpoint devices concentrating on voice, video and data tools. Looking beyond the conservative approach, CNS ventures into telephony products that are much more than just landline phones. It focuses on home and office a telephony solution that keeps its consumers and clients well connected and networked. Thomas Inc. of which CNS is a part of concentrates and operates mainly in three divisions: Services, Systems and Equipment, and Technology which includes products like DVD and CD, VHS duplication and distribution, film printing, electronic media, digital cinema, video equipment, television broadcast cameras, set-top boxes, various consumer electronics products, etc.


Grandstream Networks, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and designer of IP voice & video products for broadband networks. It is ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and an award-winning designer which is proved by its excellent sound and picture quality, abundant telephony features, conformity with industry standards, and accordance with most service providers. They are known in the business world for their innovative designs plus the product affordability and superior quality. The company is headquartered in Brookline, MA with offices in Los Angeles, Dallas.

Linksys / Cisco

Cisco Unified Communications a part of Cisco Consumer Business Group (CBG), formally known as Linksys, makes avail of intelligent technology to link communication networks of corporate companies that are highly dependable, and advanced. Nearly 15 million Cisco IP phones have been employed all around the world in present situation. As Cisco Unified Communications is believes in open air architecture, it involves outside vendors, partners and technology to become a part of it and improve the standard of its integrated applications. The company is gaining by leaps and bounds in communication solutions with many Fortune 500 companies approving its products.


Royal Philips Electronics which has its headquarters stationed in The Netherlands diversifies itself in all kinds of products made especially for consumers, businesses and industries. It is know for its patented innovations and designs which has earned it many awards and accolades. Health, Lifestyle and Electronics are just of the few distinct subject areas in which Philips specializes. The company believes in "sense and simplicity" in its products which them so easy to use, yet advanced in technology, making them a favorite among customers.